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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Volume 2 of "Classic Management Games, Exercises, Energizers and Icebreakers" Released

(For the first volume of the book titled "Classic management Games, Exercises, Energizers and Icebreakers" (containing 50 games/icebreakers), refer:  

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Trainers Can Improve Their Effectiveness by Using Games and Icebreakers in Their programs

Second Volume of the Book "Classic Management Games, Exercises, Energizers and Icebreakers"

(Readers picked up 275 copies of the book in just two days after its release)

(Book in printed format available at: and its eBook available at:

Encouraged by the response to the first volume of "Classic Management Games, Exercises, Energizers and Icebreakers", authors Shyam Bhatawdekar and Dr Kalpana Bhatawdekar were motivated to write its second volume.

The first volume contained fifty games, exercises, energizers and icebreakers. The second volume contains fifty more.

Shyam Bhatawdekar and Dr Kalpana Bhatawdekar are multifaceted personalities. They are top notch business executives, highly sought after business/management consultants, eminent management gurus, authentic human behavior experts, humane psychologists, prolific authors, presenters par excellence and great human beings.

They are accomplished speakers with more than 40,000 hours of faculty experience. Around 150,000 persons must have benefited from their seminars and workshops.

In their seminars and workshops they use variety of management and business games, exercises, energizers and icebreakers for greater and richer participation of their audience. They have included many of those in this book.

This book, therefore, will be highly useful to all the management and business professionals, consultants, trainers, educationists, faculty members, teachers, event coordinators and students.

Titles of the games, exercises, energizers and Icebreakers included in the book are give below:
  1. Introductions by Way of Mutual Interests and Tastes                                                               
  2. Creative Numbers
  3. Handshakes and Laughs
  4. Change One Word
  5. Desert Survival
  6. Hot Hat or Hot Basket
  7. Create Many Words from One
  8. Original Johari Window Game/Exercise
  9. The Strategist
  10. Energetic Fellowship
  11. Prisoners’ Dilemma
  12. Line up by Birthdates
  13. Top up Your Money
  14. Candy Treat
  15. Marooned on an Island
  16. Uncover Your Time Wasters
  17. Exercise in Why Why or 5 Whys Analysis
  18. Promise of Implementation (Plan of Action)
  19. Follow Me
  20. Who Is the Best Observer?
  21. Pre and Post Program Quiz
  22. A to Z Review
  23. Problem Solving by Brain Writing
  24. Paradigm Shift
  25. Break and Make
  26. Remember as Much as You Can
  27. Principle Centered Living
  28. SMART Goal Setting
  29. Creative Nameplates
  30. Impromptu Public Speaking
  31. Shake and Wake
  32. You Are Now in the Corporate World, So What?
  33. Divided We Break
  34. Is Your Personality Type Causing Stresses?
  35. Bump the Hip
  36. Test the Perseverance
  37. Cheer up the Latecomers
  38. Playing Card Line-up
  39. Color or Letters?
  40. Bunch by Numbers
  41. Parallel Thinking (Consensus Building with Difference)
  42. Dream Organization
  43. Managing a Meeting
  44. Have You Learnt Counting?
  45. Distortions in Communication
  46. Cacophony
  47. Dumb Charade
  48. Even Sky Is Not the Limit
  49. You Are the Rock Star
  50. Better be Attentive in My Class
To read more by the authors, refer their websites:


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